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    liamdonnelly Guest

    Is the ps3 region free?

    Will a usa game work on a pal ps3? Aka Borderlands 2?

    Edit: I know it isn't from the usa only...

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    Denida Guest
    Yes, it is fully regionfree, believe only ONE game has ever been region locked on the PS3

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    elser1 Guest
    i dont think its region free myself fully. if a game has dlc or online pass you need to be in the region the game is from, or at least have an acc on that store. then its playable on all acc on your system. just make sure you have the right acc for dlc etc.or make one.

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    rayan2050 Guest
    Hi all games are region free except one. But Some dlc and online pass that came with your hard copy of the game might not work if you are on different region!!!

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    spcfury Guest
    Elser1 is correct. If you game is from a different region, you must have an account on the store for the region the game originated from. I'm and American living in Japan, while almost all my games are from the US, I do do own quite a few Japanese titles.

    So all the DLC for my Japanese titles need to come from the Japanese PSN store, this includes any bundled redeemable codes. I made the mistake of buying an addon for MW2 off the Japanese store for my US copy, afterwards, finding out that it would not work.

    If you don't care about the DLC, the the game should play just fine on any console, IMO.

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    Azrial Guest
    I believe only Persona Arena is region locked, but even that has been cracked now.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by liamdonnelly View Post
    Will a usa game work on a pal ps3? Aka Borderlands 2?

    Edit: I know it isn't from the usa only...
    Yes as said maybe only Persona 4. DLC even can just be moved from said Folder to Installed Game folder on hdd0:games. DVD is region locked however.

    From Wiki: Additionally, some games separate online players per region, such as Metal Gear Solid 4 Online. PlayStation Store only contains content for its own country, for example the EU store will not supply usable map packs for an imported US copy of Call of Duty 4. In addition, downloadable content for the PlayStation 3 systems is region locked, so you need to buy DLC from US PlayStation Store to use it in a US game. More specifically, the PS3's file system includes region-of-origin, so DLC cannot be shared between different region games much like save files cannot.

    But as said with CFW that is not true.

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    crizford4816 Guest
    But you can edit it's SFO and other things like SFB file to change its GameID.

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