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    I am on the latest firmware update.. which is.. 2.53..? I think. But it doesn't matter because after performing a hard reset, the system is working better than ever! Thanks!

    btw cod5 rules

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    Glad to hear it's now working.

    Strange giltch eh? wanting to install 1.02 when already current with 2.53.....

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    yeah, it was pretty weird.. I set my alarm for 3:15 AM, once the hard drive was wiped so I could test it out, and when it worked I was ecstatic. do you have COD5?

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    I had almost similar problem once, it ended up being a faulty dvd drive and had to have it replaced by Sony. Just a suggestion..

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgover407 View Post
    do you have COD5?
    nope only rfom and cod3. never been on PSN to tell the truth.

    not sure if you've already posted up your psn id in the online subforum, but it is a good way for you to add online friends if your looking for some online action!


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