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    zant Guest

    PS3 Reflow not working help?

    Well I got a broken 60gb PS3. It wasn't outputting any video, but it turned on with a green LED. I tried to reflow the first time, I ended up with a YLOD (fan would spin up VERY fast, then shut off). The second time I reflowed, YLOD was gone, light stayed green, but there is no video or audio coming out.

    WHY?! Video reset doesn't work, as it just shuts off the PS3 after 8 seconds.

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    xragel2478 Guest
    you overdid it. only way to fix will be to reball the rsx chip.

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    lando2k9 Guest
    how did you do the reflow?

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    docster Guest
    Hi, It sounds like you didnt have the ylod and then caused it by reflowing the first time.

    When you have a ylod the ps3 will just shut down either on boot or soon after. The light will go from solid green, to a single yellow blink.. then will continually blink red.

    First thoughts from your description would be you or someone was using hdmi to output to a tv now you are trying to use a scart cable when the ps3 is set to hdmi mode.

    Try this solution, all credit to SUPREM_KITE over at neoseeker!

    ok try this. turn the ps3 completly off and then put the scart cable in. now turn the main power switch in back to the on position and then press and hold the power button by the disk tray you will here the ps3 beeb, keep holding till you hear a second beeb. this should reset it to use whatever cables are in the system at the time it also may take a minute.

    If it doesn't work first time try again with another cable sometimes the ps3 is picky with scart leads.

    Hope this helps but like i said before i could be completely off the mark with your vague description.

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    BwE Guest
    i love watching people kill their ps3s

    reflowing is easy, but i must admit some ps3s just cant handle it or need a special amount of heat etc.

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    joffe Guest
    Did you use fluxer?

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    shummyr Guest
    You need to reball the your ps3, That is the only fix if that doesn't work then you will need to either get a replacement rsx chip or buy a new ps3.

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