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    tichua Guest

    PS3 reference tool DECR 1000A booting questions help?

    Hi everyone,

    I recently got one PS3 reference tool DECR 1000A.. Long story short, I got the system connect to my monitor via the VGA connector and to my TV via HDMI. Whenever I turn on the tool, the HDD(Dev) light on the front lights up and it shows the following on the top of the monitor screen (the TV screen remain blank):

    "Reference Tool, Copyright Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, SCE confidential." and the following on the bottom screen.

    Host name: Devtool
    IP Address:
    Subnet mark....
    Default Gateway...
    Boradcast Address....

    The screen will stay there and nothing changes. If I press the PS button on the controller, the XMB menu popup from the background and I can see all the options. If I click on one of the options, It will ask if I wanna exit the game. If I click yes, the monitor screen will go blank (the TV screen is also blank) and the HDD(Dev) light on the front turns off and the BD drive light up.

    I can't do anything else from there beside turn off the system, unplug the power cable then plug it back, boot the system up to get to the "Reference Tool, Copyright Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, SCE confidential"screen again . If you know what I should do to get the system boot into XMB like you. PLEASE let me know.


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    tichua Guest
    Updated: I got both the monitor and the TV to display the same screen by changing the GPI dip switches on the front of the console. I put the switches in the same configuration as the PS2 tool I have: 1 Down, 2 UP, 3 & 4 Down, 5 UP, 6 Down, 7&8 Up. However still got the same "Reference Tool, Copyright Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, SCE confidential." message and whenever I quit the game, both screens go all dark.

    Problem resolved.


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