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Thread: ps3 red screen of death help

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    jamesnesc709 Guest

    ps3 red screen of death help

    I have a ps3 red screen of death.. is there anyway to stop it or troubleshoot the problem ? if so please help

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    laggmaster Guest
    ok, i can try to help you but i need a little info:

    1. what model ps3 do you have (phat/slim,GB,special bundel moddel?)
    2. have you ever had any YLOD problems
    2.5 if you had a YLOD did you try the baking method to fix it?
    3. what do you do when you get the RSOD?(can you provide a video?)

    hmm maybe an exploit in the works here.

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    1. the model that i have is the ao1 60 gig but i do notice it more on the older systems . i put the pic on what i see
    2. yes it have yellow light of death problems well when i try to fix it i just use a regular heat gun.

    how can i fix this darn problem?

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    laggmaster Guest
    Ok, i'm not sure because i can't see your attachment until it gets approved but since your on a 60gb and it has had heat issues so you used the heat-gun method (i call it baking because that's how i use to fix old mobo's) so some of your connections may have broken, i think that my advice is try baking it again but in my oppinion thats only a patch not a permanent solution...

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    craig2k9 Guest
    found this for you guys

    it says "a serious error has occurred. Please contact technical support for assistance"

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    laggmaster Guest
    yeah sounds like there were bubbles in your solder somewhere and people usually just tell you to do the "Heat Gun Trick' if your more experienced with soldering there are a few other routs you can take such as trying to re-solder your connections manually

    How are you getting the RSOD same way as the video?

    sorry hadn't heard much about RSOD before today, that video makes it sound like the hardware isn't getting routed on the mainboard which could mean that bubbles in the solder finally popped somewhere and you're not getting a connection...

    or i could be completely wrong and it could be a firmware glitch that you cant fix because the firmware was incompatible with "your" hardware...

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    yea somewhat in the video have ? but not really sure what happening in mine. when i called sony it no help but i am afraid to bring it in for repair because i already messed with couple of things in there ?

    i am so confused right now.. plus i was wondering if the sercet menu would work for it but that one guy say that menu didn't help hime at all.

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    craig2k9 Guest
    i hadnt heard of it until today either, but apparently a few people have wrote this and it works... you need to go into the secret menu on the ps3 (i don't know if thats what its really called but thats what others call it) video:

    and then it says to try using options 3 then 4 then 5 (if one works dont need to try next) give it a try (if u haven't already) give it a try let us know

    was posting this just as you posted yours lol... try it anyway.

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    laggmaster Guest
    well when you send it into Sony you probably won't get yours back if you have noticeably modified anything inside, but you had already done the heatgun trick instead of sending it into sony for proper repair... you could try finding a local gameconsole repair shop, if they are a sony certified repair shop then they should be able to fix it and hopefully they would be cool enough to leave you on 3.15 so you can access OtherOS... but like i say the heat gun method just may work for you.

    Oh and by the way craig2k9 that really isn't a secret a lot of people know about it and sony will tell you about it if you call them and they have you troubbleshooting the system for a multitude of problems.

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    craig2k9 Guest
    i work in a pc repair shop.. we have an engineer that is sony certified and comes once a week to pick consoles up.. i'll ask him today on the phone!

    yeah i know its not a secret.. i'm just saying that's what they called it on youtube lol! i was giving him the video in case he didn't know how to get into it.

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