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    niwakun Guest

    PS3 Red Light problem help?

    So here's the scenario:

    I left the PS3 turn on for a while then when i returned it surprise me with red blinking light. Now I observe if this is YLOD so I came to see it if it's really a YLOD. I turn on the PS3, then green then red light. Yes it didnt go yellow light, I can still go perform the hold power button to reset the PS3 from defaults (it beeps once while you hold power button)

    So the question, is this a YLOD? Or possible PSU problem? Or anything?

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    windrider42 Guest
    Pretty sure you need a reball.

    But will ask anyway if you can go into recovery or not. Also you can try unplugging it for a day and see if it comes back.

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    Muhammad54 Guest
    Can you get into RECOVERY Mode. Hold on/off button and you will get beeps. Then power off. Hold again and get beep and then two beeps. Release See if you can get into this mode. Then Recover system files...

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    niwakun Guest
    thanks probably it really needs to get reballed.

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