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    PS3 recovery mode?

    hi, is it just me or can you not get into recovery mode anymore?

    i got the recovery menu up on 2.50 but now im on 2.53 it doesn't work anymore

    can anyone confirm this or is it just me lol, and if it has gone why have they took it off


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    Ive got 3 PS3s with different FWs.. i will test it in 10 Minutes for you

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    Dec 2008
    I'm on 2.53 and recovery mode still works for me.
    what u do is u:

    1. hold down the power button for about 10 secs or untill the power light turns red.
    2. Release the power button then hold it down again, you will hear a beep, a second beep (still hold down power button), then two quick beeps (beep...beep) then release power button.

    If it doesn't work and the system shuts down just release the power button and hold down again till you get the three beeps.

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    how to get recovery mode on 2.43fw

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    I got that problem too... btw. my friend does. In 2.52 he couldn't get into it. He updated to 2.53 and now it works.

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