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Thread: PS3 Recovery menu help?

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    rebel101150 Guest

    PS3 Recovery menu help?

    Guys i've followed the instructions, why can't I access recovery mode? It just boots me to checking the resolution every single time. What do I do?

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    JedTanner Guest
    What you do is:

    1. From XMB, hold the power button down until the power light turns red then release it.
    2. Hold it down again until you will hear a beep (keep holding down the power button still) and two more quick beeps (beep beep) then release power button.

    Note: If this does NOT work the first few times and the system shuts down just release the power button and hold it down again until you get the three beeps.

    Hope this helps!

    Here's a video if you're more of a "visual" type of person...

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