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    Angry [UnAnswered] PS3 reads all media except Blu Ray?

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    Hey, bought my 20 GB PS3 on DEC 30 of 06, well never had a problem until i bought Oblivion, I own about 6 other games as well but to the point...after playing a couple ps2 games on the ps3, now when I insert any blu ray game or movie, brand new or scratched...it accepts the disc and the icon never shows up. This used to only happen with Blazing Angels but now no Blu Ray media is being read. I even opened up the good ol Talladega Nights movie and still no luck. Restored settings, reformatted, nothing. Still reads regular DVD movies and games and even ps1 games without a hitch... so I dunno... I guess I'm sending this back to Sony.

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    That would be the wise thing to do, as with the warranty they will replace or repair the unit free of charge so long as you haven't voided the warranty.

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    yes just waiting on a prepaid shipping box from them and they said it'll be 7 to 10 business days from when they recieve my unit to get another one..I can live that long I guess..I have music projects I haven't touched for almost a good year thanks to our beloved Sony! The universe is forcing me to do this! The laser has gone on strike from Blu Ray!

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    For what it's worth, this site is offering replacement PS3 laser lenses (obviously for those who have PS3's that no longer have a valid warranty). They offered PS3News.com a sample for review, but thus far none of our Staff have had a need for one... but as they were nice enough to offer, here is their link:


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    hey thats real cool man thanks...and I just got into the Sopranos recently i'm up to season 3...growing up liking mafia stories I can't believe I ignored that show for 6 years...

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    Looks cool PS3News!

    As of yet my PS3 is running like a champ, and as you've said I don't think any other staffer has an issue with their blu-ray pickup just yet.


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