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    Feb 2012

    PS3 randomly RSOD'd help?

    Turned it own today and got a RSOD. Tried reinstalling Rebug 3.55.2, no luck, I managed to reinstall the CFW but still got RSOD. The last thing I did on my PS3 was put Portal 2 in it using FTP, 2 days ago. The game worked fine with the eboot fix, I played it for a few hours.

    Any idea of what happened or how to fix it?

    Its a PS3 Slim and I've been using it for 2 years.

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    try replace it with a working hard drive, see if it works.

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    Feb 2012
    I have a friend with a PS3 on FW 4.21, If I borrow his HD, I can just format it and use it on my PS3 right? If that doesn't work, any other idea? Is there a chance my PS3 got bricked beyond repair?

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    Feb 2012
    Assuming the HDD thing doesn't work, I would like to try this RSOD Fix:
    • Copy the .self in this release to the root of a USB flash drive.
    • Rename the file to Lv2diag.self.
    • Place the flash drive in the right most USB port.
    • Toggle FSM.
    • Boot PS3
    • During FSM boot, the Lv2diag.self will execute.

    Is there actually any method of getting into FSM on a RSOD PS3?

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    You can use any sata laptop hard drive. The ps3 will format the hard drive for you.

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    If the HDD swap doesn't work for you, try searching for FactoryServiceMode_Lv2diag_RSOD.rar. You should find the archive (or file) and instructions on how to use it. This is said to be the best and safest way to fix a RSOD PS3 (as far as I know), but it didn't work for me. I ended up using 355-NOTHEROS-RSOD.PUP and rsodfix.gnpdrm.pkg, which I read should not be used because there is a high chance of perma-bricking your console. Read up on that and if you do decide to try it, do it as a last resort.

    This is what I did.

    1. Installed 355-NOTHEROS-RSOD.PUP from the RECOVERY MENU.
    2. Installed rsodfix.gnpdrm.pkg from XMB.
    3. Ran rsodfix. (the instructions say to reboot the PS3 after this but I didn't)
    4. Installed Rogero CFW from XMB.

    I didn't think it would work, but it did. The RSOD reappeared two weeks later so I had to repeat the process, but it hasn't happened since.

    You should be able to toggle FSM with an E3 Card Reader. I bought one just for that same reason, although I have a phat PS3 so I don't know if there are any compatibility issues with the slim.

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