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Thread: PS3 questions help?

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    You can find several versions of BDEmu attached here:

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    daveshooter Guest
    After you get the right BDEMU file you need from the link the Boss left above, Within mM, you click on the game backup you wish to play, then it will bring you back out to the XMB screen, then you should see the games disk icon within your XMB change to the game you selected in mM, click that disk icon and your games should start.

    I had the same issue, so in the end I remarried the original part working drive again, and all works ok now.

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    karpof Guest
    listen guys thanx for your info, but everytime i try to open multiman 4.40 it just either hangs black screen or returns to xmb screen, i've even reinstalled rebug then multiman but it just won't open, any ideas?

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    ripplar Guest
    Did you try mm cex version or dex version?

    The download should come with both of them if not download the cex and dex version if one doesn't work try the other one

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    karpof Guest
    hi i have tried them both cex dex cex works sometimes and hangs crashes or goes very slow , dex wont let me install in rebug 4.41 lite


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    daveshooter Guest
    I was getting that before I remarried my original drive, strange but true.

    So its working, some times? then it maybe an overheat on a component or and dicky lead, ribbon cable. Just a thought.

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    karpof Guest
    irismanager runs but and shows games but when i run it it goes back to xmb screen and still wont load from there also i cant copy games to hdd with iris can i ? i opened it up and checked all the cables/wires all look ok

    thanx for help, is remarry a hassle, can i do it on 4.41 rebug ?

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    kaito kid Guest
    for me I prefer install Rogero 4.40 version 1.03 with spoof 4.41 try.. for me rogero is the best Cex cfw until now

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    karpof Guest
    same prob m8, multiman keeps crashing on rogero to , everytime i load multiman in and it crashes when i reboots it sys system files are corrupt ? any ideas thanx again

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    kaito kid Guest
    try to install multiman 4.30.00

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