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    PS3 QA Flag help?

    my ps3 slim was on kmeaw cfw 3.55, i didnt ensble qa flag by that application "enable qa flag" and i updated to rogero cfw 4.46, and it said that it was qa flag enabled by default.

    So does it mean that my ps3 is now qa flag enabled? can i downgrade back to cfw 3.55 without any hardware help like flashers?

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    "qa enable by default" means if you enabled qa on 3.55 then it will be enabled or else no, but you can downgrade back anytime without a flasher (but you have to be jailbroken to do this)

    First download rogero 3.55 downgrader.pup and then install it then after you have installed it then go download any 3.55 cfw and install it, then your fully downgraded to 3.55

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