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Thread: PS3 Pulse elite manager app help?

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    ahmadidas Guest

    PS3 Pulse elite manager app help?

    Hello, looking for the pulse elite manager app to install on my rogero cfw 4.40, any help?

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    dyceast Guest
    Never heard of it, whats it do?

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    ahmadidas Guest
    It adds extra modes for the Pulse Elite headset, you can't get the extra modes without installing the app, looking for a way to download it, can't access PSN.

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    niwakun Guest
    use another PS3 that can connect to PSN and run the ps3 under proxy sniffing tool (CF3B5 PS3.Proxyserver tool is good tool to do the job) and then use that link to download it on your PC and install that PKG into your PS3.

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    ps3pirate Guest
    I'm in the same boat friend.. so far I've only found PEM app's ID [NPUO00025]

    Used the ID in PS3 game updates and found an update for it but it wont work after installing as it still needs the base application.

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    ps3pirate Guest

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