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    Thumbs Up ps3 psn and connecting help?

    i have a ps3 slim 120gb jailbroken with ps3break v1.2, firmware 3.41, my question is how can i go online to PSN without forced update from sony?

    thanks in advance guys.

    p.s - i did a quick search and didn't found information, but i even didn't know what keyword to search.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwner View Post
    my question is how can i go online to PSN without forced update from sony?
    You can't... it's been answered several hundred times here so I won't elaborate on it yet again, but basically you have a choice: Keep on 3.41 and JailBreak or update to 3.50 and use PSN.

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    Buy another PS3! Can we make a portal page for people with less than 10 posts (or make it mandatory everyone acknowledges this once) that says:

    • "Jailbroken" PS3's have no way of connected to PSN.
    • "Jailbreak's" currently only work with firmwares 3.01, 3.10, 3.15, 3.41.
    • PS3's without original Bluray Drive controller boards will not launch any applications.
    • It is illegal to upload XYZ directly to our forums, doing so will have you banned.
    • A list of compatible PS Jailbreak games and updates can be found here.
    • RSoD PS3's are currently unfixable via PS3 JB.

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    Heh, indeed... although we could add another 15-20 things easily to that list, and then it would be so long nobody would read through it.

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    Or maybe a "Before posting in Help, read these" page? Would help people and save time.

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