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Thread: PS3 PSN Access help?

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    ak56u Guest

    PS3 PSN Access help?


    I have a PS3 with CFW Rebug lite 4.46 and multiman base pack. I want to access PSN so that I can use the online stock market in GTA 5, i.e. BAWSAQ. I have never gone online with my PS3 since the day I purchased it, and I am sure it is not banned. Please help me out!

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    misiozol Guest
    Help you out how ? connecting LAN cable to your router or configuring wifi Just be warned PSN and CFW DON'T LIKE EACH OTHER don't be surprised if will get banned with out any reason.

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    ak56u Guest
    I know how to connect to the internet, but thanks a lot for reminding me again. But what I really want to know is that is there any method to go online on psn with a cfw ps3 without getting banned. I saw things like multiman stealth and spoofing but I really don't know how they work. I want help regarding this.

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    Follow the simple instructions written below to minimize chances of getting banned from PSN:
    • First of all do not use any homebrew on ps3 while you are logged in to psn
    • Do not play any game online before its release date
    • Do not use cheats online/offline
    • Do not use any mod on a game while playing online
    • Do not play call of duty black ops 2 etc online
    • Always disable internet connection in (settings/network settings/internet connection/disable) while using any homebrew. Enable it after you have loaded a game from mm (it will clean up the history)
    • Do not abuse anyone on psn (example: sending fckyou msg's to others)
    • Do not tell anyone online that you are using a cfw
    • Do not leave your ps3 idle for long time while signed in to psn

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    ak56u Guest
    Thanks a lot for the tips! I will follow them. But is it advisable/possible to use multi man stealth? Does it increase my chances of not getting banned?

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    if you follow all the steps correctly, then you don't need mm stealth.

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    misiozol Guest
    Yeah and still can be ban so what is the difference, all info you provided is hokus pokus and some bougus, as NO ONE knows on what condition PSN gives bans it could be as well as a year or 1 day

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    please dude if don't know anything about going online on PSN on CFW don't post bs. i've been playing for 18 months without getting banned. i know everything about going online on CFW PS3.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Well know this then.. I never play online. I have had ps3 hacked since aug 2010.

    When I installed 4.46 CFW I got banned by downloading Netflix of all things.

    I am past that now, as I do own other PS3 but the point is like said above, even following what you posted is no guarantee. Sony will and can ban when they feel like it.

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    i know how everyone feel who got banned in past, but the above method i posted can reduce chances of getting banned by 70%. i know 50+ people who follow that method and didn't get banned.

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