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Thread: Ps3 PSarc file help?

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    djkarupt Guest

    Ps3 PSarc file help?

    what program or procedure do i use to put the 2 files together? i split them and in turn deleted the original, now i want the original back, any way to put the psarc file together to make one?

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    Tek9 Guest
    You can look for a tool called Split4G it puts the files back together just as long as they are in this format when they were split filename.#.part hope this helps

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    what did you use to split them?

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    Padawan Gatsu Guest
    Yes it matters as I found out the hard way, as I split with one app and tried to combine once they got on my PS3 internal HDD only to find out the naming scheme makes a difference as Comgenies file splitter is not compatible with multiman.

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