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    scottycondr Guest

    ps3 and ps2 in one case help?

    hi all, was looking for other people's thoughts on this.

    I've been thinking of combining a PS3 slim and a PS2 into a single Phat case. it would need to have dual disk bays (using the space on the left side of the ps3 next to the blu ray dive) I believe I could easily manage to simply combine the two systems into one case but keeping the systems separate. ie 2 power inputs, 2 av out, and controller ports for ps2 ect. but would ultimately like to fully integrate the two to utilise as a single system.

    I understand the work involved in the final idea, as I am a qualified electrical systems engineer and currently studying for another degree (in telecommunication engineering)

    any thoughts or points from previously tried attempts would be greatly appreciated.

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    adr990 Guest
    Well, sorry to disappoint you, but there you'll find the power supply adapter. There is no space in the Slim casing to put another drive or motherboard there.

    You'd need a total custom casing which is bigger.

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    moja Guest
    Hw wants to use a phat case.

    Unless you make the power supplies external, or extend the case for them and run some wiring, I don't see it fitting. With your education, do you think a PicoPSU could be modded for either system (mini-box.com/s.nl/sc.8/category.13/.f)? That would be pretty awesome. If you start this, be sure to post a worklog.

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    scottycondr Guest
    a custom case is a may-be but only as a last resort. ideally would like to keep the phat case for looks. mainly because if the project goes to plan I would be looking at using what I've learnt to make a ps2/3 portable/laptop hybrid

    I could live with external PSU's as a version 1 if space was an issue.

    moja I will look in detail at the "PicoPSU" and get back but theoretically don't see why it couldn't as long as the output is not less than needed. if it is higher than required making a simple load balancing circuit could rectify it. I will have a look at the PicoPSU, along with the exact power specifications of the PS2 & PS3. and if it is possible to utilise this, thanks for the hint

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    moja Guest
    So apparently the PS3 uses 12, 5, and 3.3 volt inputs on the motherboard. Here's a video of a guy that used a PC PSU to power it:

    After reconsideration, a Pico PSU, while ideal for size, really isn't up to the task design-wise. It plugs directly into a 24-pin power socket, with some 5v outputs for peripherals, and requires its own 12 input. So, I was thinking how ironic would it be if you could mod a 360 power brick.

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    scottycondr Guest
    I was just about to look into the PSU this morning (after the Formula 1) that's a good idea, haha think using an xbox external would be checky

    after you said about an external PSU to save space I was toying with the idea of moulding a mini-ps3 case to house it. I thought if I would mould a small PSU case to look like the PS3 and use this to house the hdd's aswell. this way if there is a problem with the PS2 hdd or PS3 hdd upgrade the main until would not need to be opened. (little bit of future-proofing)

    I've now ordered 2 phat PS3's, 2 slim PS3's, and 3 PS2's and topping up my carbon fibre kits today. not using my systems till I am 100% happy with the operation and looks of the finished product.

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    zetski210 Guest
    OK, so I'm surprised that PS3 didn't end up as a pile of smouldering metal and plastic.

    The pinout b/w the PSU and PS3 provided in the video is almost correct. That last pin is a signal from the PS3 TO the PSU to switch it on. From the CHECHG schematics the PSU supplies a permanent +5V (pin 1 & 2) to power some sections of the PS3. The "switch-on" signal is indeed a 3.3V signal, but it is generated by the PS3 (CXR713120 to be exact).

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    moja Guest
    Yeah, I believe that is addressed in the video. He shorts two pins on the ATX connector to compensate for the signal.

    scottycondr, you must be for real about this! I'm definitely watching this space. Boss, could you move this to the appropriate section now?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by moja View Post
    Boss, could you move this to the appropriate section now?
    Let me know where you were thinking... Thanks!

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    moja Guest
    Well, after looking I guess in Guides and Tutorials, although it's a bit of a rough start. Would it be possible to make a hardware mod section? I've seen a few other threads with cnosole mods/customizations.

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