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    scottycondr Guest
    hey guys, sorry for the delay. had some issues with my puppy all sorted now.

    anyway I digress, I have now received my additional PS2's - 2 phat, 1 Slim. I have the afternoon off now so work shall begin :-)
    models are as follows;

    PS2 Phat - SCPH 30003 R PAL
    PS2 Phat - SCPH 39003 PAL
    PS2 Slim - SCPH 79003 PAL

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    moja Guest
    Awesome! You gonna chip those or softmod? I actually have a few Matrix Infinity chips laying around that are still brand new after 6 years.

    NM, I see the this Free MC Boot thing negates the need for a chip anymore. I still have 2 PS2s with Crystal chips.

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    scottycondr Guest
    yes I'm goin to mod them. goin to build first, check functionality then worry about the mods. but hopefully will be looking at;

    + PS3 with two internal HDD's for dual boot - still wondering how to implement a way to switch from which HDD id being used
    + PS2 with internal HDD for both PS1 and PS2 games.

    Thank you very much moja, I will look in to the chips and MC Boot. could be interested in taking them off your hands.

    I have tried the MC Thing before but it was about 4 years ago but don't think it went to well. think I still have it somewhere. 32mb with mini USB connection rings a bell, and I'm sure I still have Swap Magic disc's with lid clips for the slim.

    which in your opinion is the best for Booting games from HDD? bearing in mind I would like to use the largest capacity HDD available and have the ability to back-up both PS1 and PS2 games from the disc drive.

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    moja Guest
    Well, regardless of which method you use to mod the PS2, use opensploader or an hdloader elf (that's what I still use). They work just fine. From my memory (I haven't booted up my ps2 in ages), hdloader allows you to rip and play games just fine.

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