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Thread: PS3.ProxyServer.GUI puts my .pkg in PHOTOS folder

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    Calimero Oeuf Guest

    Question PS3.ProxyServer.GUI puts my .pkg in PHOTOS folder

    Hello all

    my nework is ok, I can access to PSN
    I downloaded a demo.pkg on my pc harddrive
    so i start PS3.ProxyServer.GUI and tick ps3 mode
    and put http link then the link to my pkg demo previously downloaded
    then finnaly start PS3.ProxyServer.GUI

    i go to psn to download the demo corresponding to the http link on PS3.ProxyServer.GUI ... the dowload is full of speed but at the end my ps3 says me ok transferred to folder PHOTO ! why doesn't it transfer to game folder ???

    I don't use ps3proxy because it s very very very slow and at the end of the download, it retries to download the file

    please help me


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    B4tm4n Guest
    Try using the Folding at Home link instead of a demo from PSN.
    Thats what I did with the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue demo, first it went to the photo folder just like yours, then I used the FAH link and it installed fine.

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    Calimero Oeuf Guest
    ok i ll try but i cannot find FAH icon on the PSN EUR

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    Nanobr3ker Guest
    its not in the store. just download it from your XMB under network

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    Calimero Oeuf Guest
    ah ok i found the link with ps3proxyservergui and try it now ... then it s ok it works

    thank you for your help !

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