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    PS3 Proxy - Install directly from PC ?


    I would like to ask a question about the PS3 Proxy.

    Some Info First:
    Firmware: 2.35
    PS3 Proxy by CF3B5

    I downloaded a demo to the PC and I replaced files using the 2.35 method. The point is it does replace the demo (I downloaded a demo which was on the PSN.) But is the point of PS3 proxy to replace demos with a demo which is not available on PSN anymore? Can't you just download the demo and Install it directly on to your PS3 using the Proxy? Because it downloads the random demo and eventually it becomes the demo I downloaded on my PC. But it still has to DOWNLOAD it. Once again is the PS3 Proxy just to download demo's that are exclusive or not available and not for faster demo's by directly installing them?

    Hope to hear answers soon.

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    Check what aldostools stated here:

    That's a proven good method for the 2.35 firmware.


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    I think you misunderstood me.

    I got the method to work (2.35) but I just want to know if I can install the game directly from the psp USING that method. Because it has to download the game and I could just download that game from PSN (less effort).

    Shortly: The PKG file I downloaded on my pc can I install that directly without DOWNLOADING. So it starts installing the game directly.


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