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Thread: PS3 Proxy Help

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    tony5607 Guest

    Red Face PS3 Proxy Help

    Ok, I've seem to read and follow the guide to install PS3 games to the PS3, but it doesn't seem to work.

    Ok first I am not downloading a demo, I am downloading a full game. Many threads I read say they downloaded demos, maybe I can't download full games.

    About when adding the [email protected] url, I don't have that anymore. They replaced it with Life With Playstation, so do I need that url.

    I am on the new firmware from December 4th.

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    jabberosx Guest
    k. You can only download and install Demo's. Not full games. They dont work.

    You need [email protected] Hit Triangle on Life with Playstation and delete it.
    you should have the option to install Folding @ home back again.

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    PeteAce Guest

    Please help

    Ok, I have the same problem after updating my firmware to the latest. I don't have the [email protected], there is no way to delete the Life with Playstation. I tried downloading Life with Playstation and deleting it after, I still didn't get an opton to totally remove it and get the Folding @home back. (tried all buttons)

    Please help... I want to be able to download demos on my PCs (much faster), and then transfer it to the PS3. I see [email protected] is the only way in one of the tutorial guides. Please help how we can get the [email protected] back... if we need to roll back to previous version, how is that done?


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    kurizuto Guest
    ill try this = ) thanks a lot!

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    korn2040 Guest
    Thank you this method worked for me as well PS3 FTW

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