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    Red Face PS3 Proxy Help

    Ok, I've seem to read and follow the guide to install PS3 games to the PS3, but it doesn't seem to work.

    Ok first I am not downloading a demo, I am downloading a full game. Many threads I read say they downloaded demos, maybe I can't download full games.

    About when adding the Folding@Home url, I don't have that anymore. They replaced it with Life With Playstation, so do I need that url.

    I am on the new firmware from December 4th.

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    k. You can only download and install Demo's. Not full games. They dont work.

    You need Folding@home. Hit Triangle on Life with Playstation and delete it.
    you should have the option to install Folding @ home back again.

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    Please help

    Ok, I have the same problem after updating my firmware to the latest. I don't have the Folding@home, there is no way to delete the Life with Playstation. I tried downloading Life with Playstation and deleting it after, I still didn't get an opton to totally remove it and get the Folding @home back. (tried all buttons)

    Please help... I want to be able to download demos on my PCs (much faster), and then transfer it to the PS3. I see Folding@home is the only way in one of the tutorial guides. Please help how we can get the Folding@home back... if we need to roll back to previous version, how is that done?


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    ill try this = ) thanks a lot!

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    Thank you this method worked for me as well PS3 FTW

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