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Thread: Ps3 Problem (not bad, but would be nice to fix)

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    Inuyasha10121 Guest

    Exclamation Ps3 Problem (not bad, but would be nice to fix)

    Yea, I've had this problem with my ps3 for a while now, I don't know if its common or not though. On occasion, when I turn it on, the sound will be really messed up (really grainy, like its comming out of broken speakers).

    Also (this happens every time) when I load up a game, I get this static flash and static though the speakers, if the sound problem was there when this happens, it is now fixed. I'm going through HDMI, so is this the same problem as the classic "HDMI Handshake" issue?

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    JoeCooL2040 Guest
    I've never had this problem tho my friend had it happen on his 360. From reading about it for the PS3 you could try checking the audio settings in Settings> Sound Settings> Audio Output Settings, and change it from HDMI 5.1 suround sound to HDMI 2 channels. This should be done while it sounds bad, not after a fix. Try it, hope it works.

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