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Thread: ps3 problem after playing uncharted 2 help?

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    ipivica Guest

    ps3 problem after playing uncharted 2 help?

    i was playing uncharted 2 for 15 minutes when my ps3 started blowing air out really loud. i turned ps3 of, waited for couple of minutes and started uncharted 2 again and it happend soon as i loaded save.

    i've read that this ventilation thing is dangerous cuz it can burn ps3 graphics card but it also said that only i can triger it by holding power button for some time.

    PS. that also happened like 1 week after i bought ps3 and i played fifa world cup, but after i reseted ps3 it worked normal.

    oh and fans dont increase speed lightly,they go from where ps3 sounded like it wasnt even turned on to point where it sounds like im vacuming.
    also i played uncharted 2 for 7 hours yesterday and ps3 stayed quiet the whole time.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Get a Hoover and clean the louvers of your PS3 on the front and on the back, if you have warranty. If this doesn't fix your problem, open your console and clean the dust. Another option you can do is changing the fan.

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