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    PS3 problem

    Hi, i'm new here but I've got a problem with my PS3 I put a disc in and the game Icon don't come up, I've tried all my discs even my dvds and nothing. Is my laser bad?

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    you might want to check your laser. Try and search to find a solution.

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    yeah this happened to me a while back. The laser is bad. I ordered a whole new optical deck from just cause its 10 bucks more than getting the laser alone. The means no hassle with getting the old laser off the rails and then realigning the new one. But yeah if you do order it the standard EMS shipment was still fast. Took less than a week and that was a lot faster than most of the stuff I had imported from china.

    But only do this if you are willing to take apart you ps3. So do so at your own risk. Otherwise call Sony!

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