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    Apr 2005

    Quote Originally Posted by bobska82
    why do you think bluray is that imperfect? it's already used in the industry...
    There is a pre-consumer Blu-Ray recorder for sale only in Japan (the disks come in DVD-RAM like shells). This version of Blu-Ray is completely incompatable with the version Sony and their "Blu-Ray Group" just got done ratifying for their PS3 and home set-top boxes. I honestly don't see Sony screwing anything up for PS3 launch though...

    As for people planning on buying multiple PS3s in order to hawk them later on eBay? Thanks for nothing. You do nothing but make it harder for honest gamers to get their hands on a system at launch (and who cannot pay the 3x MSRP premium on eBay). Bleh.

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    Apr 2005

    Eh, maybe sony will foil them and have plenty o PS3 to go round. Then the lamers are stuck with the 5 PS3's they've accumulated and the bank loan that allowed it to happen.

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    pre order where? As I know no one is placing pre-orders due to not having a msrp on the units and not having a release date.

    The only place I got an OFFICIAL preorder is lik-sang. A Japanese unit at that, its the only official place I found. My local gamestop/EB games will not accept preorders as of now due to the reasons I listed above. Due to them not having really anything new at CES I would be very surprised to see the PS3 launch before E306. The last thing I heard on the developers side of the spectrum is that they have some major hurdles to work through. We will have to see in the coming months.

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    PS3 pegged at $500 according to

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    Damn, that means close to $1000 minimum bundles. *Sigh*, and I wanted one relatively quick after launch

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    Apr 2005

    wow i need to save more than i thought

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    Honestly the unit should sell for in the range of $299.99-$499.99. I will be looking forward to attending this years E3 for final hardware specs.

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    Jan 2006

    it wont cost 1000$ it will be in AtomTechs range they will just eat the prics M$ is doing it right now they lose 150$ on each box. The delays that are predicted only re-enforce what ive been saying this entire tread that PS3 will not be stable if your going to resell it then i say 100% reserve but youll be dearly sorry if you think that buying a Fist-Gen of a Next-Gen console will give you the edge. I know companies are supposed to learn from there mistakes but think about it. They get millions of people to buy 1st-Gen 2 years from now its a I.E.D. they will get you to buy another when they actually start making profits off them. Think about it its called dependency almost every consumer driven company puts out products made to fail. After all that Sony warranty isnt LIFETIME is it

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    You have a point. I have always bought a year warranty with my units and returned them a year later to get a new and updated system


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