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    Registered User northernpimp's Avatar
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    yea i want one too, but i dont think they start them until a street date and/or price is released.

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    Im just kind of worried about this whole business. Before it used to be that you preorded what it was that you wanted.... If you wanted to pre order a system then you did just that, not need to pre order a package with 4 other games and every launch accesorie their is. I want to get one, but Im not spend a dime over 600$ on launch day. A console and a copy of MGS4 is all I want and is all the more im willing to pay for. Not sure how their going to do the memory card thing this time, but if thats needed Ill get one of those also.

    But to stay on topic, most if not all pre order game stores fumbled the launch big time. Fights and every other kind of weird thing went on to get one of those 360's because gamestop/eb and the like couldnt even cover the pre-orders. I think pre-ordering should be enough to ENSURE that you get a console on launch day, Isn't that the point of even doing it in the first place??? Maybe it was M$'s fault for not having any where near the ammount of consoles out that they needed.

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    Which is why I already pre-ordered mine at Gamecrazy.

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    Never seen a game crazy, but is it offical or store level or something they wrote on a peice of paper.

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    Game crazys are typically found inside hollywood video rental places. Pretty much just like Gamestop except with a poorer selection (at least in DS which is why I went there).

    If I paid 600+ dollars to preorder a console that only costs 299$ and I didn't get one, I would demand a refund on anything I paid. Though I wouldn't do that at all since most consoles stink at launch.

    As for PS3 preorders I would say probably they would start around June with a Jap release in May-April and a US release Oct-Nov.

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    Sony may go with a global launch (which I HOPE they do) because then japan wont get the goods before use like so the past 2 versions of the console. Makes me mad when the PS2 is old news when I get mine over here. Sony had better prepare alot better though for the global launch then M$ did. Didnt M$ manage some crap number like 300,000 consoles the first week or something.

    and I wouldnt pre order anything other then the console, no way am I pre ordering some package that retails 300$ over the consoles retail. Which is why im going over to the EB in my local mall and preorder the day they start takeing them. But no preorder at all if I cant just get a console.
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    Sony's ps3 release

    I don't think there's going to be any need to pre order a ps3. Sony's a lot more organized and had been in the business of selling game systems much longer than microsoft. Microsoft has had problems with Xbox from the get go. Sony understands the demand for the new ps3 and will supply enough units to support it. They're not going to play the whole supply demand BS and act like they just didn't make enough so they could sell it for ridiculous prices like the 360.

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    I did preorder me one but i have intentions on selling it unpackaged on ebay that day i have a friend that works at gamecrazy so im guaranteed to get me one on launch. Ill put the money i make on ebay aside for a later version and the mods. I too do not believe in 1st gen consoles theres ALWAYS some problem. You may be able to mod easier but the life of a modded playstation (pauses). Also Blue-Ray is new so ill wait till they perfect it after a little mod abuse. Im hopeful that it will be perfect from the beginning but if not cant be disappointed.

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    I cant think of 1 sony console that didnt sell out the first day , its going to be semi hard to get a ps3 im guessing. Im going to pre order mine when a store by me has pre orders maybe get 2 and sell one if I have enough money.

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    i have a preorder reserve, any willin to take it off my hand for a nice fee?


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