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    Pepsiman Guest

    PS3 power supply connector help?

    I moved the power supply on my 80 gig pal console and noticed the socket was fiddly, gave it a slight nudge and it came out.

    The connector itself is totally intact, as are the 4 pins that attack to motherboard.

    Is it just a case of putting a tiny drop of solder on each pin to get a connection?

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    Monj Guest
    that should work.

  3. #3
    BlackStallion Guest
    did the plastic connector just slide off the pins. or did the pins pull out of the board too?

  4. #4
    Pepsiman Guest
    Pins came off the board however the solder on the board is intact and the pins are intact.

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    BlackStallion Guest
    easy fix.. just heat each one back up and add a touch of solder

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