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    jazzl2 Guest

    PS3 power issues help?

    hi all!! i have a friend's slim ps3 2503a model.. and i'm trying to install rogero on it but im stuck!!Ok i'm following the guide i'm using to jailbreakreak ps3 with a flasher and after the install downgrade patch and one key downgrade i had to shut down the ps3 and start with Finishing the down grade in service mode step.

    The problem is i end up with no power nothing no red light on the on/off/eject panel... ps3 doesn't turn on!!

    Now i took another ps3 slim tried both the psu and the on/off panel ribbon from the other ps3 and it didn't turn on nothing again.

    I took the problematic ps3 psu and ribbon and tried them on the other ps3 and they worked normally.. what could be the problem i'm really stuck and afraid i have to pay him a new ps3. I installed rogero in 5-6 ps3s and never had this problem.. thx a lot in advance

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    metzen Guest
    I had a similar problem with a unit once. Check to make sure your ribbon cable from power button to your ps3 is not loose. Mine had to be reseated and then it would power on. Give this a try and post back. Thanks!

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    jazzl2 Guest
    well like i said i used the ribbon with the on/off panel from another ps3 and it didn't work... when you say similar you had no power at all like me???

    the strange thing is that i used both psu and the ribbon from another ps3 and none of them made the ps3 turn back on still no power-no red light nothing its like having a fat ps3 with the power switch on the back turned off.. could it be a brick??

    the strange thing is that it happened after the one key downgrade part where u place the downgrade.bin in the card on the card and you let it work... thats the part where u flash/modify the original dump.

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    metzen Guest
    You are correct similar problem except I didn't have one installed. It might honestly just be a loose connector where the ribbon cable connects to ps3 slim board. Please double check and reseat cable to see if you get the red standby light at least. If you get no standby light then there could be something not properly connected

    Please make sure the power supply is properly connected and report back. Thanks.

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    jazzl2 Guest
    i would also like to mention (i forgot to say that or i thought its not a big deal to mention) that after this thing with the power happened and the ps3 wouldnt accept any power i was trying taking off-taking on the psu and pressing the eject power on/off button many times and one of those times i heard that 3-beep sound that you hear when you press the eject.

    this happened only once.. also at one of those times i tried to put back the card at the hdd socket and just for a small part of a second i saw on the card one of the blue lights go on and off.. but it was instant!!

    what could this mean, i thought it was some power trapped in the ps3 somehow..

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    metzen Guest
    Jazzl2 you might have shorted out the unit due to Electrical Static Discharge (ESD).

    Please try the following:

    1.) Unplug power cable to ps3 slim from back.
    2.) Press and hold the power button on the unit down for 5 to 10 seconds.
    3.) Please plug the power cable back into your unit again.
    4.) Did the unit's standby light (red) come on?
    A.) If answer is yes then try and power on to see if it loads the XMB
    B.) If answer is no then retrace those connections from ps3 power board to to ps3 board and make sure all connections to ribbon cable are secure. Check those connections to power supply to make sure it's properly seated as well.
    5.) Remove the card to see what results you get. <- This is the last resort to see if your short is somewhere here.

    Sounds like it shorted out. You can try the following:

    1.) Remove power cable from back of unit.
    2.) Take out the flash card (rule this out)
    3.) Reseat power supply (make sure your connections are secure)
    4.) Verify Ribbon Cable did not get loose from power pcb to system board. (There are little black flaps just make sure the gold contacts are in all the way.
    5.) Without power plugged in to back of ps3 please press and hold down the power button for 5 seconds to dissipate any buildup of electricity.
    6.) Plug power back into unit while taking note if the Red Standby light comes on.
    A.) If you see Red Standby light please try and power on.
    B.) If you do not then its very likely you damaged your ps3 board when working on the flasher.

    Please try this out and post back. Thanks

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    livntall Guest
    To use this tool I will have to downgrade my patch to 1.04 or will it work with the current patch also? So in order to switch from OFW to CFW you just have to pop one HDD out and put the other one in?

    Can anybody tell me, does the E3 flasher fitt on modelnumber CECH-2504a? I can only see modelnumber CECH-250a ? Does this included 2504a? I'm thinking about doing a tutorial video for the PS3 slim once i get the E3 flasher in. Just so we have the Phat and Slim types taken care of you know?

    anybody trying to help me, I have so many ? don't know where to start. Okay gimme two seconds, just gonna try something, will get back to you in a second.

    Sorry to sound like a complete noobie but i have a few questions thats hopefully can be answered. I have a ps3 from around 2011 era. I wanted to jailbreak it to keep backups of all the games i've brought over the years. if anyone could shed some light on what the best one is to get will be much appreciated.

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    akimazaki Guest
    All ps3 model come with cech2 can be jailbreak and downgrade.. use a flasher.

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    jazzl2 Guest
    OMG GUYS GUYS!! i put the ps3 to power and i read that if you insert a dvd the ps3 will turn on if the ribbon is wasted and it TURNED ON!!!!!

    the bad thing is that i was far from the tv and i had to switch it off and move it near the tv to connect it but now how to remove the dvd from the disk drive lol?? i want to check that it gets power normally and that it shows at the tv!! help!!

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    windrider42 Guest
    Take the cover off and press it manually depending upon what model PS3 you have. I do that on my CECHG01

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