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Thread: Ps3 pkg themes help?

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    Niradhip Guest

    Question Ps3 pkg themes help?

    Ok i am new to this forum. I have downloaded some dynamic pkg themes but when i install them it shows corrupted. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Most of the PKG files in the PS3 Theme section were from submitted PSN links, but to install them as-is you would have to do it via PSN (or possibly using a PS3 file manager) versus how you would install the normal (non-Dynamic) .p3t files there by putting it in PS3 > THEME on the MS and going to the theme setting on the XMB to install it.

    They are added here mainly for archival purposes, although with the PS3 scene progressing and tools like the Dynamic Theme Editor surfacing you may be able to modify and save them as a directly-installable Dynamic PKG file.

    If anyone has actually tinkered with them feel free to reply and I will +Rep ya!

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