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Thread: Ps3 PKG File (No owner) ?

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    telsa Guest

    Lightbulb Ps3 PKG File (No owner) ?

    Hi All

    I noticed something in all the games that I have tested. The Only games that have worked are the ones that have a "owner" flagged in the information when you load the game.

    anybody seen this? When I did more info, it has a scroll text that goes something can play this game even if you are not the owner, but if all owners are removed, game will not work

    that comes up for every one of the Store games that we have captured so far that don't work.

    I am not a programmer or anything like that but....people who understand this....does that make sense? maybe all that needs to happen is ..someone needs to compile something to have owner added as whatever name...and probably all the games would work?

    Its 3am, and i'm probably smoking something I shouldn't thats probably why things don't make sense...but hey,...trying.

    Edit: Installed Tekken5 full...and same thing... File has No Owner and remaining time is -

    does anybody agree with me or know if buy adding something to the game like another pkg on top like (activation) that it will allow individuals to play?

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    psychoasylum Guest
    Makes sense to me, I've noticed that before. I don't think its going to be any sort of easy thing to fix though...

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    VendeTTaa Guest
    Yep, this is the kind of info the activation file adds. Its not quite as simple as making a file to work for us, we have encryption etc to worry about. Until there are some substantial steps forward in the scene you probably cant expect to be able to play these games using the [email protected] method.

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    onelargeprawn Guest
    We should consider the PSN game sharing thing. Apparently the owner can share with 5 friends. I wonder if those 5 friends can then share the game with 5 other friends?

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    Doughber Guest

    Same here

    I have thought about that to I would think there would be a way to edit a file to make it have rights to you but in the long run in the future you know something will be made possible such as a custom firmware or something.

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    ps3fux0r Guest
    When you click Download on any game that has drm, it downloads an activation file to the ps3. This stays on the console even if the game is deleted, and only gets removed when the console is formatted or de-activated on that account.

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    wicked insanity Guest
    But, perhaps with the keyvault project soon to be underway; we might gain access to, and be able to edit some files that'll let us play the games. we can only hope!!

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