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Thread: PS3 picture flickering problem help?

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    AssafCo12 Guest

    PS3 picture flickering problem help?

    Hey, I have a problem on my PS3. When I start the picture is flickering and smearing all over the screen. Any ideas what can I do?do I buy a new PS? or is it fixable? I have filmed my problem so it would be easier to understand.

    Thanks ahead!

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    Azrial Guest
    It looks like a graphic chip has fried or something, you might be able to get it repaired, I have no idea, other than that, it's a new PS3 time, try to get an older slim/fat model though if possible if you intend to jailbreak it at some point.

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    codboy Guest
    Hi, have you tried changing the HDMI cable? I had a similar problem which fixed my problem.

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    drphuz Guest
    Buy a new HDMI cable and try that before you do anything...

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    Azrial Guest
    In the youtube video, he's stated that he's tried a new HDMI, and it's not helped, so it's not that, it's a hardware fault.

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