Greetings.. I just started reading the forums here today to see what the possibilities are for this older ps3. I'm a brand noob for this ps3 gig, but I have 12 yrs exp with dss SAT TV !!

So hardware modding, jtaggin, software programming, is not new for me.. Like sat tv is, from what I read here, fw is one of the first issues to fix. My console specs are:

Phat PS3 80 GB HD
OFW-VER 4.31

My interests are playing my backed up PS2 & PS3 games, because my discs are starting to skip and freeze. Is there a soft mod for the fw on the console ?? I read somin about getting fw back to ver-3.55, installing chip, or soldering jumpers to board ??

I wasn't lazy, and read forums for quite awhile, maybe i'm too noob and just don't want to, as they say here, BRICK IT !! lol.. some advice on this model would be great... Thanks..