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Thread: PS3 pc network streaming?

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    kmjansen83 Guest

    PS3 pc network streaming?

    I have a win7 pc on a router, and on that router is also the ps3.

    How can i kill the internet connection to the ps3 without losing the ps3 to my home network for media streaming.

    Because if you stop internet connection on ps3 it will not be able to be on network to stream media.

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    tardor Guest
    you can't kill the ps3 internet connection. but why would you ?

    you just need not to login to the PSN , so you can check in the ps3 network setting:

    a) not auto update the system
    b) not to auto login to PSN (accisble thru the PSN icon in XMB)

    if its already on auto login , and auto update , just remove the ethernet cable or turn off the router while you do those settings . after that its safe to plug it in.

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    aamir007 Guest
    Its not possible to disable internet on PS3 if you still want to use for media streaming. You could disable network connections when you don't use it and then re enable it when you want to.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    You have several options how to block your PS3 from accessing internet while still working on your home network. You can either set manually DNS servers to some invalid address - like or try to also remove default gateway (it might not work afterwards though even for the streaming itself) or assign your PS3 with fixed IP and then block that IP from accessing internet in your router.

    Quote Originally Posted by tardor View Post
    you can't kill the ps3 internet connection. but why would you ?
    I believe you've meant "you can" and to your question - because you don't want to Sony spy on you while using JB - read the main page news as well as several threads in the Hack section regards stealth backup managers etc.

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