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    adr990 Guest

    Ps3 Payload and Loader Question?

    Hey all,

    I want to update stuff on my PS3 again. And clean some mess up, if any at all.

    I would like to know which is the latest (best) payload to use. And get games like Brotherhood, and The Sims 3 working. (NFS and GT5 ain't working yet at all, afaik, right?)

    I have a USB192 Golden AVR Dev board for the open Payloads.

    I also would like to know which is the best Backup Loader 'n FTP app out there now.

    I would just like to have the best compatibility (may in together with the payload). Don't care to much about the interface. hehe

    Sorry for asking this, but I couldn't find any recent topics at payloads, therefore I thought I could better ask what's with them at the moment.

    Thanks in advance,

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    EiKii Guest
    Well there is 2 "popular" payloads out there, PL3 and Hermes (probably very individual liking), i think but not sure that Hermes v4b is the payload with most compitability, i use it and can run i.e AC:Brotherhood.

    And same for the managers a lot of people would probably say different ones, me im using latest gaia and afaik its working like a charm, still out there you have some major ones open manager, gaia, multiman, cover manager, rogero well you name it, but i found gaia satisfying for me

    FTP apps there is 2, latest (completely legal) PS3 FTP and there is blackbox FTP, to me it seems blackbox is more stable for the moment, but hopefully PS3 FTP will get some fixes as that one is completely legal wich imo is nice

    it all comes down to your own likings in the end, it one big jungle out there ^^

    Good luck, hope it helped you some atleast

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    barrybarryk Guest
    I use hermes 4b and latest multiMAN and don't have any problems, multiMAN even has it's own built in FTP & Filemanager.

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