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Thread: PS3 Patch Troubleshooting Help?

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    Cypsteel Guest

    PS3 Patch Troubleshooting Help?

    I finally got my PS3 jailbroken with the tons of knowledge on this site and my X3max (finally they released the downgrader)...I am having some problems with one game in particular and wondering how I should go about troubleshooting it...

    Marvel Alliance 2 (I currently own the game)...

    1. I used the latest version of multiman to back it up to my internal 160gb drive. I immediately tested and it worked.
    2. I backed up my other games and also uploaded a couple games that I downloaded. Everything was working fine at this point.
    3. After reading this thread about internet access, I decided to configure my wireless for true internet access.
    4. The next time I went to test Marvel Alliance 2, it did the game patch. At that point it went to a black screen and the only fix was to reboot the PS3.
    5. At this point, I thought the backup copy must be corrupted, so I deleted the copy on the HDD0, and did another copy from DVD. Still goes to black screen on launch.

    So now I am confused and not sure how to proceed. Keep in mind that the original disc works fine, its just when I backup the disc and try to play off the internal HDD0. And it was only after I did the patch.

    Is there a way to delete this patch somehow? Where does it go on the HDD0 drive?

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    severusx Guest
    Yes, you need to delete the game data from the Game Data Utility in the Game section of the XMB. Delete this, and your backup copy of the game. Then re-rip it and let it perform the initial install again. Should work after that.

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