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    natey2 Guest

    PS3 Parental Control Access Levels help?

    Any way to set different access levels for different users on the PS3?

    If I set it to Level 5 for the kid's account, even I am blocked from doing some things from my account.

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    Foo Guest
    I'm sorry to say, but if you set the Parent Control Level to 5 on one account it will do the same for the whole system.

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    natey2 Guest
    Is there no way to set different levels for different users?

    And maybe protect the parent user account from being used by someone in the household, even though they may not be able to log on to PSN ?

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    prosecondbase7 Guest
    Not as of yet. All you can do is set parental controls and remove them when you log on then reset them before you log off. Pain I know..

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