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    ScarfaceTheKing Guest

    PS3 overheating, fan issues help?

    I recently bought a jailbroken ps3 off of craigslist probably not the smartest thing but i spent 210$ on it. The ps3 turns offf because it over heats within minutes. The thing is the guy put the fan speed up so the fan spins fast and is loud.

    Is the fan the problem? If so how can i lower the speed without opening the ps3.

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    hishamage Guest
    fan is not the problem, the ps3 has a overheating problem, I would recommend reballing it for a permanent fix, beside re flowing it, re flowing will only make it worse, (re flowing will work but the problem will come back) Reballing is the best option

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    misiozol Guest
    What you need to do is replace thermal compound on top and under IHS that is only solution , hishamage do not quite follow why you tell him to reball or reflow his console is still working but is overheating badly in minutes if he will not take any action now he WILL end up with reball or reflow.

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