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Thread: PS3 overheating due to software?

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    drumagoo Guest

    Exclamation PS3 overheating due to software?

    I've had my 60Gb PS3 for 18 months now. Approx. 6 months ago it started to overheat so i took it apart, put some new thermo paste (artic silver) on the heatsink which seemed to fix the problem.

    4 months later it started to make the same noise so i took it apart again which, again seemed to work. Last week it started to play up, yet again, so i bought a new 19 bladed fan for it and put it in.

    Now it just seems to permanently make this noise, which makes me think it's a problem with the software tripping the fan into action even when it's not hot. Could it be a problem with the software? Can anyone help please?

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    semitope Guest
    What ambient temperature do you have? Mine makes noise almost all the time but i notice when there's even a little bit of cool weather the fan doesnt make noise or just takes longer to start making noise. It even went to making no noise after making noise for a while recently which has never happened. That was during some nice cool weather (though with rain ).

    It could be a firmware update. I thought that was my problem at first also till i realized that when i got it the temperature was cool and it was now in summer that i was having the problem.

    If you really mind it and cant solve the problem you could find a way to get the fan quieter even when running at a high speed.

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    drumagoo Guest
    the volume is unbearable has several stages of noise. i recently fixed x ring of deth on an xbox 360 and to do so i needed to overheat it buy running it without fan pluged in till it auto shuts down. does any one know if ps3 has auto shutdown and if this may solve it.

    i also need to download firmware to try roll back & see if this helps.

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