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Thread: PS3 Overheating

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    killergg Guest
    when i am playing GTA IV, and this hot wheater(30 celsius) it gets warm, but not over heated.

    make sure your ps3 fans are clear to blow the heat out of your ps3 and make sure your ps3 is clean from the inside, check the forums i post it somewhere

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    hack3r Guest
    i have the same prob. i think the prob is gta 4

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    killergg Guest
    no it's just a huge game.. there are no problems in gta with overheating.

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    Hosted Guest
    If you wish to cool PS3 after overheating, switch off tumbler behind (near power cord). Now hold and do not release the standby button on panel , and then turn on tumbler. Cooling on full speed will start, PS3 will cool down, the red or green light will begin to blink (I do not remember).

    After cooler stops.. Switch off the switch (near power cord) and then switch on again. Now you can play. If an overheat again. Do the same operation. (FOR PS3 40gb)

    Sorry for my bad English

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    Hitsquad01 Guest
    Well I have had mine since the first ones were shipped and mine still has not overheated, but I do have a couple of friends who have had their ps3 overheat, so its kinda weird but they make an intercooler that you can buy for just that reason!

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    Hosted Guest
    Im too have it. I have simply found a way to cooldown the ps3.

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