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    Exclamation [UnAnswered] PS3 overheating

    well my old ps3 is overheating just like my 360. im sending it back in for another one free of charge at least the ps3 comes with a decent warranty. anybody else had to send theirs back yet?

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    May 2007
    Nope, my jap ps3 here (here its 38oC) works just fine. no prb. Heat but no lacks!

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    ya my ps3 heats up really bad but instead of returning it i bought on of those laptop coolers that u set the ps3 on top and the fans cool it also i run a small fan pointed directly at it and it does the trick.

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    May 2007
    It's normal for the ps3 to heat. Here the temp can be get around 40oC i the summer. I'll test it! And with a hdd, a GPU, and CPU + the memory at the same area, it should be twice the temp. $ony made a good job at the cooling. Personally i don't think needs extra coolers.

    I have it placed vertically (which gives a small advantage), 10cm from the wall. I had RfoM and others for 8 hours, working like charm! Behind the ps3, the air blowing out must be around 60oC when u play. And Jap ps3 made in Japan (if u got it in the Winder) are better than EU, and US made in China!

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    It doesn't need extra cooling help if it is in a completely open space (i.e. not crammed into a bookcase).

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    mine has yet to overheat

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    I have mine on for days with folding running and still never over heat keep in mind its at lease 30 degress+ here in Toronto i would never dare to do that with my 360 as my friend tried and we got the sexy famous RED RING OF DEATH lmfao screw M$ no wonder i had dat flashed

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    i never had a problem with overheating, but since i have an extra laptop cooler i just used it in case. havent heard much of complaints but i guess it better to be safe. sort of sux my 360 has to have 2 coolers now after i got a false rrod even with 1 cooler.

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    Well PS3 is out of warranty...but I not concerned about it over heating...ever. Mine has ran almost nonstop since I got it, and as long as you have it vertically (standing up) you shouldn't have any problems. Keep it dust free, and DONT SMOKE.

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    my ps3 IS in a open space and here in vancouver b.c. it is not very hot. My ps3 gets sooo hot that if i were to put my hand on it i would have to pull away within 10 seconds! Maybe its just my ps3 but it is very bad and i would rather be safe than sorry and thats why i have multiple fans, also i waited in line and bought my ps3 on launch day so maybe they have improved them since then.
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