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Thread: PS3 (Old type Fat 40GB) system software 4.40 help?

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    DemonsRing Guest

    Question PS3 (Old type Fat 40GB) system software 4.40 help?

    Ello there, I've done a legit update for my ps3, 3 days ago from version 3.03 to 4.40. I kept playing till I did want to try some CFW, which suppose to JB PS3 right? or am I wrong? If am I wrong, than I've done something wrong with research, anyway I'm stick with this and I've tried to jailbreak it and it didn't work out with me.

    So, I'd say if there's instruction to follow I'd be happy to read it. Which this might be an advance help to new people.

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,

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    racer0018 Guest
    You will need to install a hardware flasher to it and dump the nand or nor chip in it. If it is a model cechg or below you have a nand chip. If it is model number cechh it is a nor chip. If it a nand chip you will need a progskeet or a teensy. If it is a nor chip you will need a e3, progskeet or a teensy. Look it how to downgrade with progskeet and we can go from there. Thanks.

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