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Thread: PS3 OFW 4.x - installing CFW help?

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    thebatfink Guest

    PS3 OFW 4.x - installing CFW help?

    Hi, new to PS3 stuff, but from what I have read.. to use a CFW without any hardware flashing etc, the prerequisite is always a PS3 with OFW 3.55 or some lower than current OFW currently running on the PS3.

    I'm just wondering what with todays news etc, that this prerequiste requirement will now be irrelevant or if a newly purchased PS3 is likely to allow installation of a CFW in the days to come?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    G Sus Guest
    at moment your correct you do need 3.55 to run a cfw. this could change in the next few days or the coming weeks, however unlikey, nothing is impossible.

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    some utter Guest
    I highly doubt it , if you want cfw /Homebrew , Get an older ps3 with the ability to downgrade to 3.55

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    thebatfink Guest
    Ok, so by 'however unlikely' I assume the LV0 keys don't suddenly allow this to happen.

    Now is not the time to go buying a PS3 purely for CFW then?


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    G Sus Guest
    Lv0 keys should make most things possible, but it dont actually mean anyone is working on doing this.

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    thebatfink Guest
    By older PS3, you mean I could buy a FAT PS3 and it can be downgraded without hardware? I'd assumed from what I have read that if its been upgraded beyond a certain firmware it was then impossible to go back.. Is there some kind of list which shows which model PS3 I need to buy to get in on this CFW stuff?

    Thanks for the replies. Appreciated.

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    G Sus Guest
    both fat and slims can have cfw. but at moment anything above 3.55 cant unless you use a hardware flasher to downgrade first.

    this could change, try looking for a second hand ps3 already on 3.55. its safer than trying to downgrade

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    some utter Guest
    there is a list of PS3 Consoles that are compatible with 3.55, I'll try to find it one min. And in my opinion, First generation slim is probably the best console to have, It's what I have

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    G Sus Guest
    i agree , but some people prefer their phats, i think its a choice thing.

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    some utter Guest
    I couldn't find the list , See it loads of times , Now I can't find it for some reason

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