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Thread: PS3 OFW 4.x - installing CFW help?

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    thebatfink Guest
    So whats the answer here then..

    Luci Ferson is saying that anything currently running OFW over 3.55 can only be downgraded using hardware. But are you saying provided the PS3 is 'compatible' with the 3.55 OFW, it can be downgraded to it even if its running a newer OFW 'WITHOUT' hardware downgrading.

    I have found this list of lowest compatible firmwares..

    But like I say, I'm now curious if it needs hardware flashing or there is some software / usb flash drive way of doing the downgrading - which doesn't need loads of soldering doing etc.

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    G Sus Guest
    nah what it is , some ps3 are not capable of being downgraded to 3.55 even with a hardware solution. (mainly later slims)

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    some utter Guest
    Any console running firmware later than 3.55 , Needs to be downgraded with hardware afaik , But don't worry it's not amazingly hard.

    Find an older ps3 from cash converters etc that's in good condition , Play it for a good few days to make sure it's working as it should , I'd look out for a slim manufactured in 2010 , Then get yourself an E3 with the clip add on , Open the ps3 and flash it , Job done!

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    some utter Guest
    Correct , You need a model that shipped from the factory with firmware 3.50 or lower

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    G Sus Guest
    their hardware is not compatable with 3.55 cos they didnt exist when 3.55 did.

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    thebatfink Guest
    Hey thanks for all the advice. Nice of you to help I have my eye on a 2nd hand 160gb slim. I'll get the model number and see if it can be downgraded.

    Will looking this clip now!

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    G Sus Guest
    you better off buying one already on 3.55, they are available often on ebay etc. usually around 160

    sadly i've just sold both of mine this afternoon, got a lovely wad of cash for them.

    i'm currently formating the 1tb hardrive so that i can use it with T.V. box (didn't need the backups no more)

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    Speak Guest

    Any support for 4.25?

    Anyone have any leads or any CFW that can be used on 4.25 yet?

    hearing rumors that the 4.21 will work because keys didn't change, but nothing confirmed.

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    Don't get hasty. wait for 1-2 weeks.. there are 50% chances of a cfw firmware for those on 4.25 ofw. which console you have fat, slim or ultra slim?

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    Speak Guest
    Slim, either.

    120Gb SLIM OFW CECH2004A - 2.70 (Max.Downgrade)
    120GB SLIM OFW CECH2001A - 2.70 (Max.Downgrade)

    Would it to be worth just updating to 4.3?

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