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Thread: PS3 ofw 4.50 cech-2001b downgrade help?

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    idelwild Guest

    Lightbulb PS3 ofw 4.50 cech-2001b downgrade help?

    Need help, please! just got a PS3 with this firmware. Its running on official firmware 4.50, what was the previous firmware, i have no idea.

    I tried to look up everywhere, so far nothing! It doesn't recognise any of the firmwares that I've uploaded on USB drive. Downgrading via flasher is not an option for me.

    If anybody has any useful information that could help me to solve my question, will really appreciate it

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    Zarod Guest
    Unfortunately without a flasher you can't downgrade. As for the original firmware, it can be downgraded to 2.70.

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