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    zish3k Guest

    PS3 OFW 4.46 jailbreak help?

    Hey everyone! i just registered today and started reading through the forums, but it's a little too much to take in. so i have to ask now. I used the Minverchek thing and i'm able to downgrade. but currently i'm on version 4.46 ofw and i would like to know what's my first step.. can someone tell me where i should start?? I've been researching this project for like a week now so ANY help would be appreciated.

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    JeoWay Guest
    You will need a hardware flasher. Use the downgrade chart provided below in the attachments for more information

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    Maryo123 Guest

    Can i Jailbreak my ps3 from OFW 4.46 to CFW 3.55

    Hi guys i want to ask can i Jailbreak my ps3 from OFW 4.46 to CFW 3.55? So i already have OFW 4.46 but i want to update it on 3.35 for playing every kind of games not only original. My PS3 is FAT and CECHG04. I have downloaded Minverchk and it said that i can update my system. Please help me!! Thanks

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    Apr 2005
    I merged your post in this ongoing thread, see the reply above.

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