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Thread: PS3 OFW 3.55 Fat 250 GB 4 Port USB BC help?

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    DarcStar Guest

    PS3 OFW 3.55 Fat 250 GB 4 Port USB BC help?

    I am thinking of purchasing a Fat ps3 stock 80 gb but 250gb installed. I just wanted to know something or well clarify something?

    My questions are

    1. it has 3.55 ofw so I should have no problem installing cfw right?
    2. is my ps3 bc for ps2 games and will modding it mess that up?

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    elser1 Guest
    you can install 3.55 cfw over 3.55 ofw 100%

    i'm not sure about the 80gb consoles being bc for ps2 as im pretty sure they werent released in my country. if you can find out the model number eg cecha01 i can tell you then. but as far as i know cfw doesnt affect the bc so if it came with bc originally it will be ok.

    just be careful buying a fat ps3 as the release consoles are poorly designed and have a YLOD fault. make sure the security sticker is still attached where you pull the console apart to ensure it hasnt been repaired already.

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    DarcStar Guest
    Alright cool. Thanks, the seller has a return policy so I will check it as soon as it gets here. I am guessing there is a tutorial on opening a ps3 so I should be able to do that and check what you said.

    I am not too hard-set on it being ps2 backwards compatible I was just curious about that part. I mainly just wanted to make sure I could do what I wanted to do to it which is the cfw before I shelled out the money for it.

    if it is bc I will let everyone know if there isn't already a topic for it once I test it.

    Thanks for the help.

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