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    to enable QA_toggle you have to install the rebug toolbox in 3.55.4... but if you installed Rebug 4.30.1 you already past that step and should ready to go...

    Try some games with multiman... (and see if you can update it to the latest version from within MultiMan itself)

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    thanks a lot, im gonna try and see what happens

    hmm, one last thing, for put the games from my usb to hdd i need to make a folder or just put them on the usb?
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    If you have an USB HDD (formatted as FAT32) you can play your games from there (Make a directory called GAMES and inside it your games)

    i.e. \GAMES\BLUS1234\

    If you want to copy them into your PS3's internal HDD, make a directory called GAMES in the root of your dev_hd0 and put your games there. Multiman will pick them up from any of those
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    looks like i'm doing something wrong, when i click load this kick me out from multiman and says game quit: no request event , wonder if the game its compatible or idk
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    Make sure you copied the whole game Directory _ ex BLES-01684 [Borderlands 2] (everything inside that Directory) to USB/GAMES OR USB/GAMEZ

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    hmm still keep getting the same msg

    i'm on multiman 04.19.02
    ps3 system : Firmware 4.30 [sc-36 l Hermes]

    any idea? thanks
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    Ok you did install the Full version of 4.14 before updating to 4.19 correct. Check under Settings in Multiman for BD emulator > hermes or standard. It should be Standard. I don't know much about 3.55.4 REX but in my opinion the Rebug 4.30.1 or Rogero 4.30 v2.05 are best compatibility.

    So not sure if the 3.55.4 Rex is your problem or reinstalling multiman if your sure your games are in the correct format and location on USB.

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    multiman read the games cuz the icons show the games but, when u click on them this kick me out of MM and leave me in XMB.

    hmm a question, the games are always compatibles for rebug 4.30.1 or i have to do something for make them compatibles with it, i was reading some posts and ppl post games saying 3.55 fix, dunno what that mean, thanks for all the help.

    i press update to the game i try to play, ins kingdom of amatur: reckoning, if i update it, i'll get my ps3 OFW updated?

    hmmm made a iso file with the game on multiman and tried to run it, but should i downgrade it to rebug 3.55.4 and install rogero 4.xx?

    somehow, the game started and after the EA announce it put on black screen and a circle spinning for about 15 min now, i don't think it gonna start, maybe isn't compatible or i keep doing something wrong
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    That is normal for multiman to return you to XMB after selecting Game.

    Then you must click on Disc Icon to play the game. A lot of games require you to have Disc in PS3 before starting the game.

    If you update a particular game it won't update you to OFW . Its a Game update, not a System

    But to be safe you can use Multiman to check on updates or use PS3 game updater 1.41 -

    If you get Black Screen on games, you may also need to set option BD-Mirror in Multiman for that particular game.

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    thanks very much yay!!

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