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Thread: PS3 OFW 3.55 to CFW Questions help?

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    markbarkins Guest

    PS3 OFW 3.55 to CFW Questions help?

    So I am a noob with the PS3 but I've soft-modded my ps2, Xbox, wii, and PSP.

    I am going to purchase an already downgraded 3.55 ofw ps3 via ebay in the next couple of days and I have some clarification questions. I want to install a CFW and use it to play PS3 backups and PSN games and I don't care about PS2 BC. I also don't care about playing online, just want the single player experience. I have done some reading/research but there is still a lot I don't understand.

    1. Are there certain models I should avoid that are less reliable? (YLoD?)
    2. What is your recommended CFW branch? There are alot of 4.46 and a couple 4.53 CFW's out.
    3. Should I stay off PSN? My fiance has a PSN+ account with a lot of games and I'd like to use it if it's safe, but I really don't want her account to get banned.
    4. What is Cobra support? Do I need it?
    5. Multiman is the best backup loader? Does it support USB HDD?
    6. If I need to stay off PSN is there an alternate way to update games and apply DLC? IS this what a pkg is for?
    7. As above is there an alternate method to install/use PSN only games?

    I really appreciate the help and I apologize if any of these questions make you roll your eyes at my noob-ness.

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    misiozol Guest
    1. New from shop are very reliable , other than this it's lottery
    2. 4.46 rebug , rogero , and rogero hybrid no need to go to 4.53 as key are same
    3. YES YES YES stay off , or there may be no wedding
    4. yes and no depending on what you want to do with your console
    5. yes
    6. yes you have to look for it or DL on external managers
    7. via install pkg folder

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