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    Unhappy [UnAnswered] PS3 NTSC to PAL

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    hi guys,

    i bought a ps3 from america a few months ago before it was released here in australia. i thought that i could get backwards capabilities with ps2 games but seems not, also cannot get pal dvds to play. was wondering if its possible in any way to change the format of the whole ps3 from ntsc to pal, either from servicing or one way or another? help needed

    thanks in advance

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    Buy a new one an return the old one... Dats how we ROLL! LoL

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    lol that would mean going back to america though lol.. know of any alternative?

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    try contacting sony... maybe they will do an exchange? if not... ebay?

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    yea i just emailed sony asking for an exchange or a way to fix it up. if they wont exchange what you recommend i do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by djwhetzel View Post
    I would say that your SOL with the system you have now. Sony is just going to say that you shouldn't have imported. Sorry about your luck.
    exactly, Sony's not at fault here for you importing a system that wasn't designed for your region.... there is no fix, as there isn't a fix for us not being able to play PAL DVDs in our NTSC boxes.... only hope for you now is to dump it off on eBay for anyone in the NTSC region to pick it up then get one at the store in AU since they're now available!

    sometimes jumping the gun doesn't work! :hitw

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    why u wanna play pal dvds on a blu ray high def dvd player is beyond me
    just buy blu ray dvds from usa cheaper and get released quicker

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    Do some reading over on the Linux board here. If you install linux as the OtherOS there is a programs called VLC that will play your PAL DVDs on the NTSC PS3.

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    oh ok thats cool.. what about my old ps2 games.. can linux fix that issue too? or is that whole new ball game?


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