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    ps3 not working help?

    hi, there's a ps3 on ebay with this. The fault description is:

    No picture output. Ps3 unit turns on, red standby light is active when swithched on the green light is active, the eject button works, the fan/hard drive can be heard working but there is no video output on the tv screen. The console has no visible signs of damage

    is this worth getting, is it any easy fix?


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    This sounds like the PS3 just needs to be booted by holding down the power button till the display resets (Hold till the 2nd beep)

    It could be more - but without having the unit or further diagnosis it's impossible to tell if it's that, or one step away from YLOD or anything else...

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    just hold the power button until it beeps twice (while the ps3 is off)

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    sounds like corrupt FW to me, had it happen to both my ps3s just entered recovery mode and reinstalled FW if that dosen't work might be stuck in service mode loop. you need to put the LV2 file on a usb stick to get it out of the loop and then recovery mode.

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    Depends how much it is worth taking a gamble if 40 quid or less could turn out a simple fix were you could then sell as a 3.41 unit for 150 quid need to ask yourself if your prepared to lose 40 quid plus p and p ?

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